Two subcommittees of ASTM International G01 on Corrosion of Metals have reorganized to broaden the scope of their standardization efforts. Subcommittee G01.09, formerly on Corrosion in Natural Waters, has been renamed Corrosion of Metals in Waters to reflect a broader focus on the degradation of metals in various water environments. This change reflects an industry need to better understand and develop standardized methods to evaluate corrosion in both natural and other waters. Examples of expanded activities within the subcommittee include recent discussions and workshops hosted by the group on ultra-low corrosion rate measurements as they apply to nuclear waste storage, biomedical implant corrosion, and corrosion in the chemical process industry.

Subcommittee G01.14 has reorganized to more broadly focus on the degradation of metals in construction materials. Concurrent with this reorganization, the subcommittee has been re-titled to "Corrosion of Metals in Construction Materials." In addition to the title change, a new task group has been formed under G01.14 called "Corrosion of Metals in Treated Lumber." This task group has now met several times with continued strong interest in the development of standard test methods and practices to evaluate the performance of fasteners in treated lumber. Much of the new emphasis in this area stems from changes in the chemicals used in treating lumber with attendees representing various trade groups, fastener manufacturers, lumber product producers, and other interested parties.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the ongoing work of Committee G01 and its subcommittees. For more information on Subcommittee G01.09, contact Sheldon Dean at (610) 439-1054 or, or Sean Brossia at (614) 761-1214 or For more information on Subcommittee G01.14, contact Tom Langill at (720) 554-0900 or