Frost & Sullivan recently selected CentraSep Technologies as the recipient of the 2006 Product Differentiation Innovation Award in the North American industrial solid/liquid separation equipment market in recognition of the company's solid/liquid separation solution. The company invented a new centrifuge design that reduces the overall complexity of the operating mechanism, thus minimizing the likelihood of breakdowns and subsequent downtime.

"Although centrifuges are traditionally considered high maintenance, CentraSep has designed a solution that eliminates typical operational challenges associated with most automatic vertical self-discharging centrifuges," said Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Renee Chu. "For example, unlike other centrifuges that require at least two motors to function, the CentraSep centrifuge relies on a single motor and belt to drive the entire centrifugation process."

Parts that require periodical replacement or optimization, such as rotors, are designed to facilitate rapid replacement. CentraSep's rotor assembly is designed to be completely replaced in less than 10 minutes, compared to the eight hours or more typically required to replace rotors on traditional centrifuge designs. These advantages considerably reduce the stress imposed on the system, thus minimizing the likelihood of system breakdowns and downtime.

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