Metal Coating

ARKEMA: The new Kynar Flex® 2850 PC is a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) grade suitable for the high-performance coating of metal parts in highly corrosive environments. The product can be applied by dry electrostatic spray and is designed to provide outstanding chemical resistance to acids and ozone, as well as halogens and derivatives. Manufactured with no additives and inherently pure, the product complies with USP requirements (Class VI) and FDA regulations and can be used to coat equipment used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and semiconductor industries. The product is also flame retardant, thermally stable and highly resistant to abrasion, and it provides a smooth, high-gloss surface finish that reduces micro-organic deposits and growth. Call 215.419.7830 or

Aerosol Aircraft Coatings

AKZO NOBEL AEROSPACE COATINGS (ANAC): The Mil-PRF-85285, Mil-PRF-23377 and BMS 10-72 aircraft coatings are now available in convenient, easy to use, two-component aerosols. The aerosol pack's design separates the base component from the curing solution. A simple activation step mixes the two components, preparing the product for use. The aerosol units reportedly use advanced technology to produce a high-quality finish similar to that expected from an HVLP spray gun. Each can is capable of touching up 12-20 ft2 of surface area, saving time normally needed for mixing and cleanup, and minimizing waste. Call 847.625.3351 or

Paint Refinishing System

MONOPOL SAS: The Monopol car system® is designed to be a compact and economical system for creating all paint color shades for application on automobile bodies. The system comprises six bodywork binders and 71 tinters (opaque, metallic, transparent, pearly and special effects) to achieve any color shade used by the world's major car makers. The system's colorimetric tools include 11,000 color shades updated twice a year, a color box with large color chips along with all car makers' references, an efficient multilingual formulation and management software program, automatic machine interface, automatic scales, error correction and other features. E-mailmonopol@monopol-sa.comor

Etch Primer

AKZO NOBEL CAR REFINISHES: Lesonal 1K etch primer has been developed to provide perfect adhesion and corrosion protection, quickly and easily. It is also chromate-free, making it less hazardous to the environment than its 2K equivalents. The product can be mixed with the appropriate Lesonal Multi Thinner rather than a dedicated acid-containing activator to save money and cut down the time spent on cleaning spray guns. Other benefits reportedly include rapid drying time (15 minutes at 68°F [20°C]); complete coverage in one or two coats; and unlimited potlife, which saves time and reduces waste. Call 31.71.3082826 or

Coil Coating Primers

BASF COATINGS AG: According to the company, the third generation of coil coating universal primers is a significant improvement to previous technologies. The chromate-free, homogeneous white system can be used with either smooth or textured topcoats and is designed to exceed previous standards for spreading rate, functionality, adhesion, flexibility and deep-drawability. Corrosion protection values determined using appropriate test methods exceeded all previous results, and the primer can also achieve a high build.

Metallic Wall Finish

MASTER COATING TECHNOLOGIES/SCUFFMASTER: EnviroMetal Paint™ can be brushed or rolled on to provide an interior metal finish. When applied by roller, the product reportedly rivals a sprayed metallic wall finish in its appearance. When brushed, the product's reflective nature can be manipulated by the brush strokes to play with light in a dramatic fashion. The paint can be matched to thousands of colors. It meets or exceeds the requirements as defined by the Green Seal GS-11 standard and qualifies for points accumulated toward LEED certification. Call 800.898.0219 or

Food Service/Display Coatings

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CHEMICAL COATINGS: The POWDURA® NSF-51 powder coatings meet the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standards and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), including ANSI/NSF-51 for food contact and ANSI/NSF-61 for potable water. The formulations of these coatings, many of which are hybrids, combine the durable film properties of an epoxy with the overbake stability of a polyester. These coatings reportedly provide excellent transfer efficiency and rapid film build, allowing for complete coverage and protection in hard-to-reach areas such as recesses and corners. In addition to a clear finish, the coatings are available in more than 50 colors, including ranges of gray, black, green and beige. Call 800.524.5979 or

Stainless Steel Coatings

STAINLESS STEEL COATINGS, INC.: STEEL IT® anti-rust stainless steel coatings feature a 316L stainless steel leafing pigment that creates a metallic barrier designed to resist chipping, peeling and corrosion. Suitable for shelving and machinery where there is prolonged exposure to acids, alkalis, detergents, moisture or salt water, the coatings provide a durable and attractive metallic gray satin finish. The coatings are available in polyurethane, epoxy and low-VOC formulations. Capable of producing a finish that can last up to 10 years, depending on the version and environment, the USDA-approved coatings can be used when 100% stainless steel fabrications are impractical. Call 978.365.9828 or

Specialty Coatings

MICHELMAN: This company has introduced a line of specialty coatings that protect against corrosion and insect infestation, and provide a high angle of skid for the paperboard and corrugated box industry. The specialty coatings line includes RustBan®, BugBan™ and SofTak™. All coatings are repulpable, recyclable and energy-efficient. Call 800.333.1723 or 513.793.7766, or

Transparent Polyamide

ARKEMA: Rilsan® Clear is a new high-performance transparent polyamide designed to offer greater flexibility and easier processing than existing solutions in markets such as sports and leisure. Transparent in any thickness, the product offers designers and manufacturers all the benefits of high performance polyamides - including lightness, toughness and chemical resistance - to create products that are comfortable, protective and fashionable.

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