Coatings Brochure

APPLIED PLASTICS CO., INC.: A free eight-page Coatings Brochure provides an overview of typical products coated by this firm; describes formulations and coating methods, including electrostatic powder spraying, electrostatic fluidized bed, conventional spraying, and spool-to-spool techniques; and provides examples of coated medical-grade wire, forming mandrels and hypotubes. Descriptions, key features and specifications for each product and service category are included. Call 781.762.1881 or

Polyurethane Coatings Reference Guide

BAYER MATERIALSCIENCE LLC: A new reference manual titled The Chemistry of Polyurethane Coatings offers a detailed look at the chemical structures and formulations of various polyurethane coating systems, including powder coatings, waterborne polyurethane coatings, radiation curable coatings, two-component coatings and moisture-curing one-component coatings. The manual also highlights common nomenclature of the company's Desmophen®, Desmodur® and Bayhydur® raw materials used to formulate polyurethane coatings, and formulating aids such as modifiers, solvents, pigments, extenders and flattening agents. Procedures for the safe handling and storage of polyurethane raw materials are also detailed. Call 412.777.2000 or

High Temperature Materials Handbook

COTRONICS CORP.: The 68-page 2006 High Temperature Materials Handbook for Electrical, Structural and Industrial Applications contains detailed product descriptions, illustrations, user reports, easy-to-understand instructions and convenient conversion tables for a variety of materials that are designed and used for applications up to 4000ºF (2204ºC). The handbook is free upon request. E-mail or

Spray Gun Catalog

EXEL NORTH AMERICA, INC.: The new Manual Airmix Catalog provides a review of the manual Airmix line of products offered by the company. It features the popular MVX gun and the new Xtra series fine finish tips designed for waterbased, high-solids and polyurethane coatings. Call 866.EXELNA2 (393.5622) or

Compressed Air System Maintenance Manual

KAESER COMPRESSORS, INC.: The eight-page Cost Savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance reference manual outlines maintenance activities for each component in a compressed air system, including compressors, dryers, filters, drains and aftercoolers. It describes the different maintenance needs for varying component types, including reciprocating vs. rotary screw compressors and refrigerated vs. desiccant air dryers. A "Problem Solved!" section provides practical solutions for common air system problems, and a "5 Steps to Save Money with Maintenance" section offers suggestions for impacting the bottom line. Contents also include comprehensive maintenance checklists, product diagrams, rules of thumb and a reference library. Call 800.777.7873 or

Wood Finishing Equipment Guide

EXEL NORTH AMERICA, INC.: The new Kremlin Wood Selection Guide is designed to help finishing professionals choose the right wood finishing equipment for their application. It bases the decision on coatings sprayed, production requirements, and types of equipment recommended for the choices made. Call 866.EXELNA2 (393.5622) or

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