A.B. Myr Industries has launched several new products designed to cut energy consumption in industrial paint finishing systems by 50% or more. The company's Air Barrier Heat Seals are designed to speed the heat-up phase in cure ovens and minimize the otherwise inevitable heat loss that occurs from a conveyor opening in the oven. The heat seal works by drawing hot air from inside of the oven and forcing it back into the opening. The pressurization difference between the factory and the oven interior helps to keep the hot oven air from entering the factory. The seal maintains the initial section of the oven at a constant higher temperature, thus causing the parts and coatings to heat up more quickly.

Additionally, the company's automated process controllers are designed to ensure effective and consistent product cleaning and coating conversion to achieve energy savings, operational cost savings and increased product quality. According to the company, the products address every stage of the finishing process and can be retrofit onto existing paint finishing systems. For more information, call 734.941.2200 or click on the website link below.