Following its recently concluded Nanomaterials Project House, which focused on the synthesis of new nanoparticles, and the Functional Polymers Project House, Degussa has embarked on the next step of the value chain. The new project house will focus on "Functional Films" and will be located at the Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany, site. Based on the findings of the Functional Polymers Project House and Degussa's existing expertise on film production, the new project house will develop expertise in the area of production and modification of specialty functional films.

Examples of value-adding functionalities for mono- or multi-layered films are scratch resistance, electrical conductivity, dynamic optical effects as well as special barrier properties and nano- or microstructuring. The company reports that the basic materials for such high-performance films can originate from the existing Degussa portfolio of polymer materials, as well as from the group of engineering plastics. The expertise on surface functionalization developed in the new project house is also expected to be applied to other polymer surfaces relevant to Degussa, such as polymer sheets. The planned duration of the project house is three years.

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