ICA Group: This company has developed a lacquered, glazed, bicolor water-based coating system that is designed to ensure that the final appearance of reproduction furniture remains intact. According to the company, the coatings allow for a drastic reduction (over 90%) in solvent emissions, thus considerably lowering the environmental impact of wood coatings and protecting the health of the person applying the coating and the final user.

For transparent antiquing cycles, the range includes TAPU, a walnut-colored water-based coating that gives the furniture an “aged” look, as well as transparent, monocomponent, water-based basecoat FA293; dark-walnut-colored, water-based antiquing agent INVA; and transparent monocomponent, “shellac effect” water-based topcoat AO239G65. For lacquered, glazed cycles, the range includes white, bicomponent, water-based basecoat FAB433, as well as platinum-gray, lacquered, bicomponent water-based topcoat AO510/R7036; light-gray, lacquered, bicomponent water-based topcoat AO510/R7035; dark-walnut-colored water-based topcoat PN; and transparent, bicomponent water-based matt topcoat AO470.

The new coatings are particularly suitable for use on reproduction furniture made from woods such as cherry, walnut, toulipier, lime and poplar.

For more information, call 519.768.0732, e-mailmarkl@icaamerica.bizor visitwww.icaspa.com.