The Ceramics division of GE Advanced Materials has introduced two new water-based boron nitride (BN) coatings, grades LPC and TPC. Both coatings are designed to protect surfaces from damage caused by exposure to corrosive environments, such as those found in molten aluminum, other non-ferrous metals and glass. The coatings have a high concentration of boron nitride powder and a strong binder system for long coating life. Both grades share the same formula, with the exception of a green pigment, which is included in grade TPC to act as a wear indicator.

According to GE, the new BN coatings help aluminum and other processors reduce their cost of operations in several ways. They protect the transport surfaces from attack by damaging molten metal, thereby extending the life of dies and molds. They provide good metal release properties, minimizing the time and expense of removing metal build-up during and after a cast. Additionally, the high-purity coatings offer processors protection against contamination in their products. Grades LPC and TPC both contain boron nitride powder that remains chemically inert to 850°C, preventing contamination in metals and improving finished metal quality.

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