The Noryl GTX resins from GE Plastics are the first in a new family of conductive resins that are optimized for powder coating. These materials, which are slated to join GE's growing ecomagination product portfolio, contain conductive fillers that eliminate the need to apply an electrostatic primer. Because the materials were designed for powder coating operations, conductive Noryl GTX resins can replace metal substrates, offering increased design freedom and eliminating costly and potentially hazardous chemical pre-treatments. Additionally, the resin grades make it possible to powder-coat metal and plastic on the same production line for economies of scale and uniform aesthetics. The resins should soon be certified as a GE ecomagination product following a rigorous analysis that quantifies environmental and operating benefits to customers in a transparent process, which is audited by a third party.

"Powder coating is a fast growing technology due to its environmental benefits, particularly the elimination of solvents and related compounds that are emitted into the air in conventional liquid paint," said Christine Murner, ecomagination leader, GE Plastics. "GE's conductive Noryl GTX resin makes powder coating plastic parts more practical by eliminating the cost, time, and environmental concerns of electrostatic primers. Further, they offer OEMs and their supply chain partners the flexibility to replace metal with a lightweight, high-performance plastic, or to run multiple materials on the same coating line. Our unique Noryl GTX resin opens new opportunities for design innovation and production efficiencies."

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