When Sampson Maintenance Services, Youngstown, Ohio, was awarded a contract for coating work in the Columbus, OH, wastewater treatment plant, the company selected Distributors of Finishing Materials to design and modify a Graco Xtreme Mix Proportioner to handle the demanding requirements for spray application of the coating, which included a large amount of a plural component modified polyamine epoxy (Tnemec Co. Series 435). The system includes three 4000-watt heaters, two 5:1 ratio feed pumps, one Graco XTR spray gun, a static mixer, 100 ft of heated two-component hose, one stainless steel mix manifold and a solvent purge pump capable of flushing the gun, mix manifold and static mixers while still attached to the system.

Nick Pontikos, president of Sampson Maintenance Services, said, "I could not be happier with this spray system. Now my company has the ability to spray apply just about any plural component coating in any ratio from .01:1 to 10:1, in the turn of a key."

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