MEGTEC's new Process Heat Recovery System is designed to reduce operating costs by capturing the heated air from process dryers, ovens and air pollution control systems and using it to heat or cool areas of a plant or process. The flow arrangement of the system consists of a slipstream of heated air drawn from an exhaust duct or stack and passed through a heat exchanger and then returned to the exhaust duct or stack. Fresh outdoor air is drawn in and passed through the heat exchanger, where it is heated and controlled to a set point of 70 to 125°F to provide supplemental heating or summer cooling. Energy recovery is possible with source temperatures as low as 200°F or as high as 700°F. Safety features include temperature protection of the delivered air stream, as well as isolating it from the process and facility anytime the unit is turned off. The system features an automatic mode for heating or cooling that turns the system on once preset conditions are met.

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