Glasurit Automotive Finish, a division of BASF Coatings AG, has introduced two new clears, both of which are VOC-compliant and thus in line with the EU solvents directive. The 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC reportedly is easy to apply and ensures a brilliant finish quality, while the 923-115 HS Universal Clear VOC is a standard clear and is suitable for a range of applications in automotive OEM coating. These products join the 923-35 HS Clear VOC 3.5, which was launched more than five years ago as Glasurit’s first VOC-compliant clear and is designed to provide a brilliant finish. Other products in the clear line include the 923-135 HS-Racing Clear, which dries quickly and is therefore ideal for refinishing small defects and individual panels; and the 923-45 HS Clear scratch resistant VOC 3.5, a clear with “reflow” properties that make minor scratches disappear when exposed to heat.

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