Designed for larger piping systems with flow rates up to 40,000 gpm, Eaton's Model 510 Simplex Basket Strainers can protect expensive piping system components from damage caused by particulate matter in the system flow. The system’s use of four strainer baskets, rather than just one, reportedly helps to keep operating costs low by making basket cleaning an easy, one-person job. Because four baskets are smaller and lighter than one large basket would be, one person can easily remove them from the housing without help or the need to set up lifting equipment.

According to the company, the use of four strainer baskets per unit to strain the fluid flow also gives the system an extremely high dirt removal capability. This ability is important in larger size strainers since they take longer for basket cleaning or change out than smaller ones due to their size and design. The longer the strainer stays in service between cleaning the less expensive its operating costs will be.

The basket strainers are available with flanged connections for piping systems from 8" to 36" in size in a choice of iron or bronze construction.

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