The Eastwood Co. has developed a line of environmentally friendly soda blasters and soda blast conversion kits for popular abrasive blasters. Blasting with bicarbonate soda removes the paint without warping or damaging the base metal, glass or trim, so little disassembly and masking is needed. Plus, unlike abrasive blasting, the bicarbonate soda residue prevents corrosion from forming on steel for up to six weeks and longer with inside dry storage. The blaster’s efficient design allows refinishers to soda blast with as little as 7 cfm at 80 psi with precision and control. They can be quickly converted to blast with standard or other more aggressive media to clean up rusty areas. The units are available as a 2-in-1 soda and standard abrasive blaster (EW#50095) that requires a small compressor generating 6 CFM at 80 to 125 PSI to operate, or as a 110 lb professional unit (EW#50096) designed for heavy-duty paint removal.

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