A gas-fired conveyor oven with a blow-off and cool-down, built by Wisconsin Oven, is being used to dry moisture on aluminum replacement coils. The oven has horizontal airflow and a work chamber that is 2’6” wide x 20’4” long x 3’6” high and a 300°F maximum operating temperature.

Prior to entering the oven, the aluminum replacement coils are leak tested by placing the coils in a water bath and then pressurized with air. The water load to be processed in the oven is 180 lb/hr. The coils are processed through the drying system at a rate of 60 units/hr. The system consists of a 51-second blow-off, nine-minute drying oven at 250°F, and a 1.8-minute cool-down. After exiting the oven, the coils go directly to packaging. The customer performed a systems acceptance test prior to shipment that required the end product to only weigh .16 oz more than the pre-water bath weight. All 30 parts that were tested passed the test.

This drying system has an energy-saving feature that uses photo eyes to sense parts entering the system. When it is established that there are no parts in the system after a set amount of time, the conveyor stops, the blow-off and cooling systems shut down, and the oven temperature is reduced.

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