Xenon Solar Simulation Flashlamps from Xenon Corp. are suitable for testing crystalline or thin-film materials. When used with the appropriate optical filter, the lamps can achieve ASTM E925-05, JIS C 8912-1989, IEC 904-09, and related international standards for Class A solar simulators. Providing true sunlight simulation, the pulsed lamps remain off until testing begins, thereby saving energy and eliminating undesired heat buildup in photovoltaic cells and modules.

Designed to match requirements for solar simulators with output powers from 100 to 3000 watts, the lamps are available in spiral, bulb, serpentine, U-shape, and linear shapes in lengths up to 6 meters. Custom flashlamps can be provided to accelerate product testing and ensure product quality in process control applications. Instant on/off capability permits single- or multi-pulse use, and the flashlamps are mercury-free.

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