Henkel Corp. has produced a plastics cleaner that is designed to effectively remove difficult contaminants at lower temperatures. According to the company, the product significantly reduces costs, saves energy and decreases the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Specially formulated for cleaning plastic surfaces, the P3® Polyprep® 110™ cleaner is solvent- and phosphate-free, combining exceptional cleaning properties with a lower operating temperature that reduces operating costs. While most plastics cleaners require bath temperatures of 140°F or above, requiring considerable energy and investment, the new cleaner is effective at temperatures as low as 110°F.

In beta testing, a manufacturer used a power washer at 140°F with standard plastics cleaners, and measured natural gas consumption with a certified gas meter installed on the system burner. The company then used the new cleaner with the water temperature at 110°F. The change saved the company 500 cu. ft. of natural gas per hour, equating to $15,000 in annual savings based on operation rates (13 hours per day, four days per week, with natural gas costs of $0.01 per cu. ft.)

For more information, visitwww.p3polyprep.com.