Guyson Corp. has designed and built a work cell automated blasting system that is extended in height to allow processing of long components that must be presented to the blast in an upright position. The "stretched" Model RXS-400EH rotary blast machine accommodates parts up to 16 inches in length.

The machine has a two-station indexing turntable, and each station has a rotary spindle with a custom-designed fixture to hold one or more components. Parts are loaded onto the outside spindle while blasting is underway, so the time between blast cycles can be kept to a minimum. When the machine is to be hand loaded, either a safety light curtain is provided, or the operator must hold two photosensitive thumb switches before the table will index.

Inside the blast enclosure, the component-bearing spindle rotates at controlled and adjustable speed during the timed blasting cycle. Multiple blast guns are bracketed in position at the correct angles and distances for coverage of target surfaces, and the entire cluster of guns is mounted on a 24-inch ball screw-ball nut linear actuator. The nozzle traverse stroke and speed can be adjusted and synchronized with component rotation to produce a uniform surface finish over the entire length of the components.

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