The Model D1000 cartridge-type dust collector from Guyson Corp. has sufficient capacity for large manual blast cabinets with direct-pressure media delivery. The unit is also suitable for the dust collection requirements of moderate-sized automated blasting systems with multiple blast guns.

With its 3 hp (2.2 kW) blower and nonferrous 3,450 rpm impeller, the dust collector extracts an adjustable 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Fabricated in continuously welded 12-gauge steel plate, the overall dimensions of the unit are 112" H x 40" W x 50" D (2845 x 1016 x 1270 mm). Reinforcement of the body panels and doors dampens vibration and helps reduce the dust collector's operating noise level below 80 dBA. The unit is supplied with a 22-gal rolling dust drum. Each of the dust collector's two pleated paper cartridges has a filter area of 226 square feet.

The filters are treated with flame retardant and pre-coated to provide an average efficiency of 99.99 percent for particles of 0.5-micron or larger. The manufacturer offers an optional HEPA filter for the system to meet the most stringent particulate emissions standards.

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