Xiom Corp., a Long Island, NY-based company that manufactures plastic powder spray systems and polymer-based coatings, has been awarded grants totaling $500,000 from two New York state agencies.

The first grant, from The New York State Department of Economic Development, Environmental Services Unit, will focus on reducing liquid paint/coating use and decreasing curing oven requirements through XIOM technology substitution. The project aims to replace multiple coating steps - e.g., prep, dry, prime, dry, basecoat, cure, topcoat, cure, cool - to improve productivity and output. Additionally, because the technology is a powder coating, each company that adopts the Xiom approach could significantly cut VOC emissions, solvent/water use, and sludge generation from their coating operations.

The second grant, from the NY State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the Industrial Technology Assistance Corp. (ITAC), focuses on a demonstration project at a door manufacturing company. The project will entail designing and integrating the new automated coating system into the door company's main continuous paint line and bypassing the large curing oven. Project benefits, amounting to estimated annual savings of over $145,000, will result from reducing process fuel use by more than 50%, process travel time by 30%, powder material loss by 40%, and cutting electricity consumption and line maintenance. In addition, by avoiding the oven and employing a high deposit efficiency process, significant reductions in NOx, CO, and CO 2 emissions and fine particulate powder waste will result. The project will result in the development of a “green” coating system that can be replicated and potentially disseminated to a NYS target audience of 3,000 establishments.

For more information, call 631.643.4400 or visit www.xiom-corp.com.