The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) has developed an enhanced online "Search For A Supplier" function on its website that makes it easier for manufacturers to find information and get advice about using and converting to prepainted metal. The database includes detailed information and capabilities for coil coaters, service centers, metal producers, paint vendors material and equipment suppliers, brokers and miscellaneous professional services related to prepainted materials.

NCCA's database of coil coating suppliers regularly provide technical and business guidance to manufacturers that use, or are converting to, prepainted metal. Expertise is available to answer questions regarding substrate and coating selection; joining, forming and handling of prepainted metal; environmental compliance; and cost benefits of prepainted metal versus post-paint operations.

To find the appropriate resources on the online form, users simply click on the type of supplier needed and click submit. The search can be narrowed if the name or location of the supplier is known. The submitted query generates a list of available companies that meet the search criteria, along with company descriptions, contact information, and links to available company websites. Searches can be further refined for more specific matches by entering substrate, coating, and special processing requirements.

The Search For A Supplier form also links to an Inquiry Form where users can enter their needs, and invite qualified suppliers to make contact with them. This feature forwards the user's needs, contact information, and inquiry to appropriate suppliers that l then contact the user to help provide solutions to their manufacturing or business questions.

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