Interthane 990 UHS from International Paint LLC, an Akzo Nobel company, is a new low-VOC polyurethane technology that contains additives to help prevent the growth of mildew on the surface of exposed coated steelwork. The high-performance, two-component white acrylic polyurethane was specially designed as a solution for the booming petrochemical ethanol market to address ongoing issues with mildew buildup on exterior steel tanks due to splashes, spills, fumes and overfill of the slow evaporating chemical.

“The production of ethanol as a cleaner, alternative fuel source has increased dramatically over the last several years, with an expected production of seven billion gallons per year by 2010,”said Chris McMillan, product and marketing manager for International Paint LLC Americas. “With much of that production expected to come from the North Central and North Eastern states, our goal was to develop this technology to meet low VOC requirements in advance of pending legislation in that part of the country.”

The new product is formulated for both new construction and maintenance applications and is designed to offer durability, gloss and color retention. The finish coat can be sprayed, rolled or brush-applied, and can be used on correctly prepared and primed steel surfaces in a range of aggressive environments including chemical and petrochemical plants, offshore structures, bridges, pulp and paper mills, power plants and refineries.

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