Webb Abrasives, a provider of advanced sanding technology, has partnered with Joest, a German manufacturer of abrasive sanding discs. The first product to be released through this partnership is the Joest Superpad P, which is perforated across its entire surface. This patented design reportedly allows for continuous dust extraction and prevents filling and clogging of the disc. As a result, the sanding pad wears more evenly over the abrasive surface and lasts up to four times longer than conventional discs.

According to the suppliers, the product features a heat-resistant foam backing that extends use of the product by providing a cooler sanding surface. In addition to minimizing heat and friction, this cushion creates a jet-stream between the topcoat and base of the paper. Air is not only suctioned north and south, but east and west as well. The foam sponge becomes a storage chamber for dust.

The product fits on all hook and loop manual sanders, regardless of hole configuration patterns or sander suction removal capabilities.

For more information, visitwww.webbabrasives.com.