Products from Galaxy Associates, Inc., a Cincinnati-based supplier of specialty chemicals, have been qualified under the exacting standards of the Caterpillar 1E4093 specification (Phosphate Pretreatment Chemicals for Metallic Substrate). The products include spray-wand-applied cleaner phosphatizers, iron phosphates, cleaner iron phosphates, and an array of non-chrome sealer technologies that are suitable for a range of applications at Caterpillar.

The products were required to pass a rigorous testing regimen that verified the long-term corrosion performance and compatibility of the pretreatment/sealer systems with the various paints used by Caterpillar. Qualifying under this specification is a verification of the products’ performance and constitutes an endorsement of the products for application at Caterpillar manufacturing locations and first tier suppliers.

The nine newly approved products are listed in paragraph 10 of CAT 1E4093.

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