The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Ecology Coatings, Inc. with a patent for "Environmentally Friendly Coating Compositions for Coating Composites, Coated Composites Therefrom, and Methods, Processes and Assemblages for Coating Thereof." This U.S. patent, number 7,323,248, covers the processes and underlying technologies for producing environmentally friendly, nanotechnology-enabled coatings for, but not limited to, fiberglass, fire retardant fiberglass, carbon fiber, fire retardant carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fire retardant Kevlar®. The processes and compositions protected by the patent combine to produce coatings that are suitable for coating composite objects comprised of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar®. In addition, the patent covers certain applications, including composite architectural panels, which, when incorporating Ecology's coatings technology, resist yellowing and allow the removal of graffiti without harm to the panel surface.

"Over the past several years, we have expended significant resources to pioneer and develop advanced, multifunctional nanocoatings. As of today, including this patent award, Ecology owns five issued U.S. patents, eight pending U.S. patents and twelve foreign patents pending," said Richard Stromback, chief executive officer and chairman of Ecology Coatings.

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