Polyurethane sealants are known for their fast reactivity, good adhesion to substrates and ease of application. Two-component (2K) polyurea sealants from Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) LLC can also stand up to moisture, provide superior UV and color stability and offer the option of low-temperature cure with a wide latitude of gel times. The sealants have reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) versus other sealants – with VOC- and plasticizer-free formulations available – making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to other types of sealants.

Bayer’s aspartic esters technology uses Desmophen® NH 1420 solvent-free, amine-functional resin in combination with Desmodur® E-210 isocyanate to create a tunable polyurea sealant that allows reactivity to be adjusted from approximately two to 30 minutes. The freedom to specify a fast or slow reactivity makes 2K polyurea sealants a versatile solution for a wide spectrum of applications.

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