The new Aero Series dry ice blast cleaning systems from Cold Jet, LLC, are designed to provide economical dry ice cleaning in an environmentally friendly format. The new models include the electric-pneumatic Aero 40, Aero 80, Aero 80-DX and Aero 80-HP, and the pneumatic-powered Aero C100, which reportedly cleans twice as fast as other pneumatic systems on the market.

The dry ice blasting systems use non-abrasive media that won’t damage surfaces or equipment. The media, dry ice pellets or particles, create mini-explosions on the surfaces being cleaned, lifting away dirt and contaminants. Unlike sand, bead or soda blasting, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and does not leave any secondary waste, as the dry ice pellets or particles sublimate – convert from solid to gas – upon impact. Dry ice blasting is also safe and nontoxic, does not create downstream contamination, and reduces or eliminates employee exposure to dangerous chemical cleaning agents. Dry ice blasting has been approved by the EPA, FDA and USDA as an acceptable cleaning method.

The Aero Series is designed with patented features that enable users to maximize their cleaning performance by eliminating clogging, maintaining pellet integrity throughout the entire process, and achieving a fast, uniform clean. These features include:
  • Cold Jet SureFlow System, which consists of an isolated hopper, Multi-Layer Insulation blankets, advanced agitation technology and a sealed lid;
  • Patented flow-thru pocket feeder design that maintains pellet integrity and reduces air loss;
  • Patented aerodynamic nozzles that help maximize performance;
  • Ergonomic applicators that reduce user fatigue;
  • Proprietary coupling systems for quickly and easily connecting and disconnecting nozzles and hoses;
  • Aerodynamically tuned hoses, which eliminate constriction and deliver more cleaning power;
  • Welded steel frame and rugged tires to ensure mobility and durability regardless of where the systems are being used; and
  • The Aero 80-HP and 80-DX models also include an automatic tilt-out hopper to quickly and easily unload and preserve unused ice.
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