LA409I, a new water-based exterior coating from ICA Group specifically designed for the coating of exterior fixtures, taps the potential offered by the application of nanomaterials (miniscule particles measuring up to 20 nanometers) to deliver perfect transparency and excellent resistance to external agents.

The launch pad for the new water-based topcoat was provided by the results of the large-scale experiments conducted over recent years by the company on the potential for nanotechnology to enhance the chemical/physical performance of its coating films. Nanomaterials make it possible to develop products that are highly durable and highly resistant to abrasion, scratches, knocks and aggressive atmospheric agents. At the same time, the Italy-based company has focused on achieving optimum aesthetic results, particularly in terms of transparency, which is extremely important in the coating of wood. According to the company, the resulting product is a monocomponent transparent matte water-based exterior coating that combines excellent aesthetic results with remarkable durability.

The new coating can be applied, both on the level and vertically, using a spray gun with canister or using the airmix, airless or electrostatic techniques. During application, this coating enables the user to achieve a film with uniform thickness, even in hard-to-reach places, thanks to its electrostatic covering power. Moreover, it is also possible to achieve a noticeable reduction in over-spray, which in turn equates to lower consumption and allows for excellent recovery on cold walls, and with its pseudoplastic viscosity, it is also easy to re-use.

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