Xiom Corp., developer and manufacturer of a portable polymer spray system, has formed an affiliate company called Extreme Mobile Coating. According to its charter, Extreme Mobile Coating is to franchise contractors to apply antimicrobial-protected coatings in areas of high public traffic. The target market is hospitals, fast food restaurants, sport venues, colleges and schools.

Extreme will train franchisees to use Xiom equipment, including the new Xiom electric “no flame” system and powder formulations. Extreme also will engage in specialty high-value contracting of Xiom coatings directed toward municipal markets. The management of Xiom Corp. and Extreme Mobile Coating believe that this affiliation will enhance the effectiveness of both companies.

The management of Extreme has extensive experience in franchise development. Charlie Woodward, president of Extreme Mobile Coating, says, “As a user of Xiom equipment since the company’s beginning, I’ve watched the growth of application possibilities inherent in the Xiom technologies. I feel that by investing in a combination of training and good business practices, Extreme Mobile Coating will be able to compete for large-volume work in its targeted markets.”

Andrew Mazzone, president of Xiom, commented, “Extreme’s capability for developing sophisticated marketing techniques in the usage of Xiom technologies will result in large scale opportunities for those technologies.”

For more information, visitwww.xiom-corp.comorwww.extrememobilecoating.com.