FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Troy Corp. announced that the Danish Competent Authority (Danish Environmental Protection Agency – DEPA) has granted BPD (Biocide Product Directive) PT8 master authorization for four Troy wood preservative products: TWP085, TWP077, TWP555 and TWP21.

These products are fully formulated, ready-to-use preservatives offered license-free to customers. Troy is now in the process of applying for mutual recognition and assisting customers in gaining local authorization for their brand-name products based on these master authorizations.

“The BPD PT8 authorizations represent an important step in the development of Troy wood products under the BPD regime, as all wood preservatives without such authorization under the BPD will have to be withdrawn from the market in the near future,” said Philip Ford, Director of Wood Protection at Troy.

"Troy has focused on supporting the wood manufacturing industry with ready-to-use formulations fully supported for authorization, a process which is becoming extremely complicated and expensive.” Additional products are in the process of being added to Troy’s BPD PT8 product portfolio. For more information about Troy TWP products, regulatory support and wood preservation, visit www.troycorp.com.