ARCHDALE, NC – Novamelt GmbH has acquired the remaining 49 percent share of Novamelt-Jowat LLC from Jowat Corp. and Jowat AG. The purchase amount was not disclosed. The wholly-owned subsidiary will now be known as Novamelt Americas LLC. The company will expand its geographic support role to include all customers in North, Central and South America. 

Novamelt expanded to North America in 2005 in order to support its global customer base with local manufacturing and R&D, and to establish a direct investment presence in the U.S. economy. Jowat Corp. was the perfect partner at that time. Jowat had land and a successful business operation with established business functions to support the joint venture (JV) in the start-up period.  

Jowat and Novamelt will remain closely allied. Novamelt Americas will remain located on the Jowat campus, albeit with separate operations. The two companies will aid each other in their respective market focuses: Jowat in woodworking and furniture, packaging, and automotive; and Novamelt in label, tape and medical PSA markets. Jim Auber, current General Manager of the JV, has been named President of the new Novamelt Americas LLC.