ASHTABULA, OH – Plasticolors Inc. and Milliken Design Inc. have concluded a purchase agreement where Plasticolors has acquired Milliken Design’s non-urethane pigment dispersion product lines. This purchase includes pigment dispersion product lines based on unsaturated polyester, epoxy, plasticizer, benzoate ester, polyurea, polyamide and silicone chemistries. The acquisition of products became effective January 5, 2012. The purchase price was not disclosed. 

“The acquisition of these products from Milliken Design Inc. is consistent with our focus in supplying quality colorants and additives for high-performance, specialty applications for thermoset plastics and coatings,” said Scott Becker, Plasticolors’ President and CEO. “The acquired products fit well with our existing lines, providing the full breadth of options required to support these industries.” 

Production of the acquired products will be moved from the Milliken Design location in Aston, PA, to Plasticolors’ facility in Ashtabula, OH.