HOPEWELL, VA – The U.S. hanse chemie business of hanse chemie AG and nanoresins AG have been merged into Evonik Goldschmidt Corp. At the same time, hanse chemie Inc. USA has been dissolved as a legal entity. 

The acquisition of hanse chemie AG and nanoresins AG by Evonik was finalized on May 12, 2011. Both companies are headquartered in Germany and produce raw materials and components for the manufacture of sealants, adhesives, molding and casting compounds, and other products. 

The greatest share of hanse chemie Inc. business is incorporated into the Interface & Performance Business Line whose activities surrounding the silicone specialties are directed at a variety of industrial markets. 

Activities in the coatings industry, especially those concerning nanocomposites, extremely fine-particle silicas, are now part of the Coatings & Additives Business Unit of Evonik.