MONTROSE, CO – InnoVoc Solutions, a division of Gordon Composites, Inc., announced a breakthrough technology for powder coating plastics, composites and other nonconductive substrates. This licensed technology makes nonmetallic substrates temporarily conductive using a surface treatment that emits no VOCs or other hazardous byproducts.

Innovoc Solutions™ technology provides:

• A hard finish that is typically tougher than conventional liquid paint and can improve the performance and durability of plastics and composites;

• Low-cost processing for automated in-line coating and batch-booth quantities; and

• Composite parts that can be used adjacent to powder-coated metal parts, such as appliance handles and automotive parts.

Kevin E. Stay, President and General Manager of Gordon Composites, said the technology used by InnoVoc Solutions makes it easy and inexpensive to powder coat nonconductive substrates. “Before the development of this technology, powder coating nonmetallic surfaces was possible, but the processes had manufacturing, cost and environmental limitations that restricted their use,” explained Stay.

“The InnoVoc Solutions process is easy to use, cost-competitive and contains no hazardous chemicals that will off-gas or vaporize.” The process can be used with any engineered plastic that withstands cure temperatures in the range of 250 to 400 °F. InnoVoc Solutions technology was developed for high-performance composite limbs on modern archery bows.

Composite limbs are attached to robust powder-coated aluminum risers and need to have the same appearance and durability as the riser. “With the new technology, we are able to use the same powder coating on both the aluminum risers and the composite limbs so they appear and age the same,” said Stay. Other successful applications include automotive parts, electrical switch plates, handles for appliances, archery components, lacrosse sticks, MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and acoustic ceiling tile.