NEI Corporation has completed initial development of a waterborne self‐healing coating, Nanomyte®MEND‐MW. The self‐healing capability reducesend‐user costs by minimizing the need for repairing and repainting damaged surfaces, extendsthe service life of the structure to which it is applied, and maintainsthe finish of the original painted surface. A coating that repairs itself benefits OEMs and end‐users alike.

Surface scratches and marring in a coating lead to damage on a macroscopic scale, resulting in the coating losing its aesthetic and protective functions. The patent pending, self‐healing coating can heal both minor and deep scratches once it is mildly heated. Nanomyte MEND‐MW is one of the spin‐off products from Nanomyte MEND, which is a broader self‐healing technology platform developed by NEI Corporation that can be used to impart self‐healing characteristics to polymer coatings. Demonstration videos can be viewed at or

Waterborne, UV‐curable, and high solids chemistries are being increasingly favored over solvent-based coatings, especially in consumer applications. The Nanomyte MEND coating technology platform provides a new self‐healing functionality while preserving other coating properties, such as gloss, hardness, ductility and chemical resistance. The manufacturing process for Nanomyte MEND uses conventional polymer and materials processing.

NEI is making Nanomyte MEND samples available for testing by end‐users. Further, product development services are available from NEI to render specific polymers to be self‐healing.  For more information, visit