PLEASANTON, CA - Rolith Inc., a leader in developing advanced nanostructured coatings and devices, has received Series A funding of $5 million from DFJ VTB Capital Aurora and AGC America Inc. 

As the leader in developing advanced nanostructured coatings for renewable energy, green building, and consumer electronics markets, Rolith will utilize the $5 million investment to step up business development in an effort to address the current market need for industrial-scale nanostructured coatings. The $5 million investments will also be used to expand the engineering team and further research and development. 

Rolith coatings are enabled by a proprietary nanolithography system, which offers superior throughput, lower cost and higher quality compared to existing methods. Dr. Boris Kobrin, Mark Brongersma and Julian Zegelman formed the company in 2008. 

"We are very fortunate to have the support of the world's leading glass producer, AGC (Asahi Glass Co.) Group, and DFJ VTB Capital Aurora, a highly reputable nanotechnology investor associated with one of the major Russian banking groups, VTB Group," said Boris Kobrin, Founder and CEO of Rolith. "This investment will allow us to scale up our nanostructuring technology to substrate areas larger than what is offered by any competitors and demonstrate feasibility of the first few of our nanostructured coatings."