Ashland featured: Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) thickener for waterborne architectural coatings; Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs), which are APEO-free liquid additives for the highest performance paint and coatings; Advantage™ and DrewPlus™ foam-control agents; Dextrol™ and Strodex™ specialty surfactants; Nuosept™ in-can preservatives; and Fungitrol™ dry-film fungicides.

The company also introduced its line for wood-care products, including high-performance, siloxane-based foam-control agents; specialty rheology modifiers; WetCare™ water repellency additive; SunCare™ lignin protection technology; Escalol™ UV stabilizers; and SunCare™ TopCoat UV protection additive, which forms a nanoscale emulsion of transparent UV-absorbing particles.