CPS Color is exhibiting many machines and technologies at Booth #1323. The D300 is an ergonomically designed, simultaneous dispenser with piston pump technology that ensures fast and accurate tinting. The company’s patented, fully automatic humidification system virtually eliminates drying of colorants in nozzles. It is ideal for handling troublesome low- and no-VOC colorants.

The COROB™ D600 combines large colorant capacity; fast dispense speeds and ergonomic can handling. It represents the latest evolution of gear pump technology, which reduces the need for calibrations. The design of the D600 is well suited to accommodate low- and no-VOC colorants. The overall design provides years of worry-free maintenance.

Robust, yet affordable, FIRST1 is designed to make manual tinting machines a thing of the past. The innovative technology behind FIRST1 is perfect for emerging markets. FIRST1 is a fully automatic turntable dispenser suitable for use with water-based or universal colorants. Customers can easily transition into automated tinting, increasing accuracy and customer satisfaction with precise and repeatable on-demand tinted paint orders.

CPS is also featuring Novapint D - IR reflective colorants. Dark surfaces heat up more than light surfaces because they absorb the incoming sunlight and convert it into heat, while light surfaces reflect most of the incoming light. Infrared (IR) is largely responsible for heat build-up. Both UV light and IR light are invisible to the human eye and have no effect on color shade. Two objects can be identical in visible color, yet have different reflective characteristics in the IR region (700-2500 nm) so that one remains cooler on exposure to sunlight. The primary function of IR-reflective pigments is to keep objects cooler than they would be using standard pigments. There are several factors that can affect the colorant’s IR reflectivity such as: individual pigment selection, dispersion, particle size and mixing IR reflective pigments.