Visitors to CPS Color’s Stand 7-157 will be able to examine new tinting equipment, software and colorants that underline the company’s integrated approach to tinting systems. The company offers all elements of a tinting system, from colorants to dispensers, from mixers and shakers to tinting software, and from matching service and database consulting to maintenance.

Suitable both for DIY stores and professional paint suppliers, COROB™ EVOFLX™ is the first of a new series based on a modular approach that offers great flexibility at the time of purchase and beyond. When the machine is first delivered, it is configured to fit the specific production environment. During its lifetime, individual modules can be added and modified to match changing production requirements. This includes the number and capacity of canisters as well as the pumping technology, the shelf type or nozzles.

To maximize output and efficiency, the tinting lines are best run on CPS Color’s COROBTM InnovaTint software. The integrated tinting software solution connects every step in the tinting progress, from selling and ordering at the stores to evaluation of business performance and stock management. This centrally controlled software system gathers the market data from all shops across the company network. It enables retailers to quickly react to market needs and product changes, and to share information such as product properties, color formulas or price. Shop assistants are able to pass on orders wirelessly to tinting machines via the use of tablet PCs. Customers avoid queuing; the system simply sends out an email alert when orders are ready to be picked up. Visitors to the Stand can experience the new InnovaTint shop concept.

CPS Color is also showing the latest colorant developments from its R&D department. They include two new lines within the industrial Temacolor™ range and the novel solar-reflective colorant line within the Novapint™ range.

Temacolor EP focuses on colors for tinting epoxy floor coatings. It provides excellent compatibility with solvent-free and solvent-based epoxy coatings. Its high-performance pigments enable a wider color area than traditionally offered in floor coatings. Temacolor TL, in contrast, is a low-VOC and aromatic-free line of colorants for solvent-based industrial coatings, with a VOC content of less than 350 g/L. Changing from the conventional Temacolor T range to this more environmental friendly range is easily done and does not require any formulation changes.

The Novapint D solar-reflective colorants were specifically developed to withstand heat build-up in exterior paints and plasters. They offer wide color choice while combining solar reflection, consistent tinting strength and improved rheology.

CPS Color supports the paint-buying process with COROBSELECT™, the industry’s first fully automated, consumer-operated paint sample center. The machine offers consumers the opportunity to tint and take home as many actual paint samples as they wish. As COROBSELECT does not require trained staff to operate it, it can be positioned in any surrounding where color selections are made, for example in flooring or furniture departments.

Consumer-operated tinting is taken one step further. The COROBOX™ dispenser, shown at the ECS 2013 for the first time, is the first self-service tinting center that allows end users to tint any amount of paint individually. The process enables store personnel to focus on value-creating activities and delivering additional service, for example promoting accessories or helping customers who need extra advice on products. The advanced technology of the injection-dispense system ensures a safe and clean process with no need to open the lid.

 Moving on to industrial tinting, CPS Color’s Tinting During Filling (TDF) system simultaneously dispenses both base paint and colorants into the final packaging. The TDF line exhibited at ECS 2013 includes a combined gravimetric and volumetric dispensing unit as well as a conveyor system with an automatic pail feeder. The automatic COROB MODULA dispenser is at the heart of the system. It can be equipped with one or several modules configured to include varying numbers and sizes of canisters.