Dow Coating Materials experts will deliver presentations each day of the show on coatings industry topics, including:
  •           The development of new low-emission epoxy curing agents for ambient cure applications
  •            Development of novel crosslinking resins for waterborne wood finishes
  •            New additives for architectural coatings
  •            New ways to formulate interior and exterior paints using less TiO2 without sacrificing performance.

Dow’s ACS presentation schedule can be found at       

At Booth #1800, Dow Coating Materials is showcasing technology innovations including:

  •            EVOQUE™ pre-composite polymers and ROPAQUE™ dual opaque polymer for 10-   20% TiO2 reductions in interior and exterior architectural coatings
  •            Rheology modifiers ACRYSOL™ DR-110 and RM-995
  •            TAMOL™ 2011 dispersant
  •            Binders AVANSE™ ST-410 and AVANSE™ 200
  •            PROSPERSE™ 700 Series aqueous emulsion polymers
  •            PARALOID™ B-66 thermoplastic acrylic resin (DMC) premix
  •            The Hiding OpTiO2nizer Reformulation Tool for calculating optimum TiO2 reduction with ROPAQUE opaque polymer in interior and exterior formations
  •            And a new industrial business segment and branded line of products to helping manufacturers produce coatings that protect industrial, commercial and public structures   from extreme conditions.

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