As part of the larger Dow booth (#1800),Dow Construction Chemicals is focusing on products designed to enhance elastomeric roof coatings, concrete sealers, and painters’ caulks and sealants. These technologies encourage building product manufacturers to rethink their own products and the specialty ingredients that can help them take their offerings to new levels of performance and sustainability.
  • Next-generation RHOPLEX™ EC-3000 acrylic polymer enables elastomeric roof coatings to resist rain quickly after application, while also curing in high humidity and colder temperatures.  In addition, the polymer seamlessly integrates into existing roof coating formulations.  
  • RHOPLEX 4400 acrylic binder removes plasticizer from painters’ caulk and other sealant formulations, reducing paint discoloration, glossing and mildew pick-up.
  • Rounding out the DCC exhibit is the display of its RHOPLEX line of polymers for water-based concrete sealers, which help protect concrete with chemical and stain resistance and durability, while also helping to enhance aesthetics.