Troy Corporation, Booth #410, is promotingThe Key to Innovation, Performance & Value. Troy’s exhibit, through performance data and extensive product details, highlights how the company can help customers reach performance and cost targets through advanced, high-performance products with exceptional technical service.   

“With a broad line of innovative, high-performance Polyphase® dry film preservatives, Mergal® wet-state preservatives and performance additives, Troy offers manufacturers the opportunity for cost savings while maintaining or exceeding performance goals,” says W. Brian Smith, Vice President, Troy Corp. “Troy products such as Polyphase 663 and 678 provide industry-leading efficacy and broad spectrum performance at low use levels, ultimately translating into benchmark cost-in-use.”

Polyphase Preservatives

Polyphase preservatives address some of the biggest concerns of the coatings industry today, namely cost, performance and favorable environmental attributes. Troy is featuring three of these advanced dry film preservatives, which are engineered for different applications. Polyphase 663, 678 and 2085 new-generation preservatives have significant advantages: broad-spectrum protection, highly effective performance at low use levels, preferred toxicology profiles, and zero- or low-VOC chemistry. Polyphase 663 provides extremely durable protection in exterior applications; Polyphase 678 offers excellent performance for interior applications, including fungal organisms of health concern; and Polyphase 2085 is designed for use in wood protective coatings.

Mergal Wet-State Preservatives

Advanced wet-state preservation technologies from Troy afford manufacturers the ability to meet a wide range of performance goals, from contamination remediation to long-term protection, as well as optimized cost-in-use. Mergal K12N and 758 are zero-VOC, multiactive preservatives engineered for today’s ‘greener’ coatings, offering both short-term control of contamination and long-term protection. Mergal 530 is a unique, fast-acting sanitizer engineered to deliver remediation of contaminated raw materials. Mergal MC14 is a formaldehyde-free, highly efficient wet-state preservative that exhibits broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Technical Support

Troy offers an advanced wet-state technical support service called the Troy Microbial Management Advantage (TMMA). TMMA is available to all Troy customers, and consists of a plant audit and a customized treatment and prevention program, including preservative recommendations and use level/cost optimization, supported by comprehensive microbiological testing.

Worldwide Field Testing

Also at the ACS, Troy is featuring the company’s field testing capabilities for exterior coatings.  Troy operates seven climatically diverse field test sites around the world for the evaluation of preservative performance under severe microbiological conditions.

Performance Additives

Troy offers its Z-line of multifunctional additives, comprised of products that are free of VOCs, HAPs and APE. New are Troysol™ Z370 universal wetting, and mar and slip additive; Troysol Z372 universal mar and slip additive; and Troysol Z377 acrylic flow additive for solvent systems.

Troy is introducing Troykyd® D742 and D745, two new defoamers that eliminate macro- and micro-foam, enhance surface appearance and offer performance at low use levels.

Troy is also introducing Powdermate® 550DG, a versatile degassing additive for thermoset powder coatings. 550DG provides excellent degassing efficiency and color stability, which makes it an excellent choice for white and light-colored systems.