Trinity Resources, Booth #1945, announces the introduction of a new series of functional fillers for the coatings industry. Produced from the mineral pyrophyllite (hydrous aluminum silicate), these products have the same monoclinic crystal structure as talc (hydrous magnesium silicate).

Trinity’s asbestos-free products are offered in a range of Hegman sizes (4, 5 and 6). The 6 Hegman Series are able to reduce TiO2usage by up to 20%. The products also offer the ability to offset kaolin, talc and nepheline syenite in various formulations. Properties include high wet and dry brightness, excellent dry and wet hide, UV resistance, burnish resistance, washability and ease of dispersion.

 All products are suitable for latex- or alkyd-based coating systems.

  • ALTIFIL − offers lower oil absorption and a higher degree of scrub resistance. Ideal for industrial coatings.
  • ALTIPLUS − offers excellent wet and dry hide results, ideal for latex systems where offsetting talc, kaolin and nepheline syenite can reduce costs and improve your filler package.
  • ALTIBRIGHT − able to extend TiO2 by up to 20%.