INDIANAPOLIS – 3M’s Energy and Advanced Materials Division (EAMD) announced the rededication of its newly-expanded U.S Paints and Coatings Laboratory. With a significant investment in new analytical equipment and additional technical personnel, the 3M EAMD Paints and Coatings lab is now even better equipped to provide outstanding customer service for a growing global market.

Intense competition and industry consolidation are fueling coatings manufacturers’ desire to differentiate their products, through improved performance, greater sustainability and added functional benefits. This includes features such as easier cleaning, better hiding, easier application and lower VOC levels.

The expanded capabilities of the 3M EAMD Paints and Coatings lab, located in St. Paul, MN, will enable improved levels of technical support and formulation assistance to customers around the world. For example, 3M research specialists use American Society for Testing and Materials’ test methodology to evaluate the performance of formulations that incorporate 3M products, including 3M™ Ceramic Microspheres, 3M Fluorosurfactants, 3M Glass Bubbles and 3M Stain Resistant products. With the understanding these evaluations bring, 3M research specialists are able to make targeted product recommendations that may accelerate customers’ product development cycles. In addition, 3M is partnering with customers to develop a new generation of coatings technologies designed to meet emerging market needs.

On January 1, 2012, Dr. Terri Shefelbine assumed leadership of the 3M Paints and Coatings lab. Shefelbine has over 10 years of experience at 3M in research and development of new technologies, including nanocomposites and new polymerization technology. Her work for the 3M EAMD Paints and Coatings lab will focus on glass bubbles, ceramic microspheres and fluorochemicals.