KANSAS CITY, KS - VersaFlex Inc, a formulator and manufacturer of polyurea protective coatings, liners and sealants, is expanding its technical sales and service operations into regionally staffed units across the United States and Canada.

Increased demand for the company's high-performance protective coatings in key niche markets such as water and wastewater, oil and gas, military, infrastructure, marine coatings, and antimicrobial applications has necessitated the need for increased staff with specialized training and experience.

Todd Gomez, PCS with over 20 years of coating and construction management experience, has been promoted to Sales Manager for VersaFlex’s new regional sales program. As Sales Manager, Gomez will head all regional sales and service activities.

Gomez has been a primary resource to VersaFlex’s technical sales services group for the past three and one-half years. He is a member of SSPC and is a SSPC Certified PCS (Protective Coatings Specialist). Gomez is also a member of CSI, The Construction Specifications Institute and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He currently serves as a volunteer committee member of the ACI 515 Committee, Protective Systems for Concrete.

Rudi Rennert has joined the company as a Sales Representative for the west coast operations in the United States and Canada. Rennert has over 10 years experience in the polyurea and related coatings industry and will be overseeing all sales and service operations for polyurea protective coating, primers, joint sealants and concrete repair products across the western region. Rennert has worked on military projects, OEM product development and support, and has extensive training and experience on plural-component equipment including operation and service.

The Gomez/Rennert team will be focusing on educating construction engineers, architects and specifiers across the United States and Canada on the many advantages and successful uses of polyurea coatings and linings. The polyurea team will continue to expand and is currently recruiting candidates for several other key regional territories. VersaFlex’s new sales group will also be calling on its extensive database of plural-component spray applicators to service qualified sales leads and receive advanced polyurea training.