SHANGHAI, China – Air Products has won a 2012 Ringier Coatings Technology Innovation Award for its new Airase™ 8070 deaerator, a high-performance, siloxane polyether-based deaerator for controlling microfoam and pinholes in waterborne coatings, especially those applied with high-speed techniques such as airless or air-assisted spray. It’s the second consecutive year for Air Products to receive the award.

Unlike most conventional defoamers, which are active only at the coating of the surface, Airase™ 8070 deaerator is highly effective in eliminating microfoam, a major problem faced by low-VOC waterborne formulators, and reducing pinholes and craters in coating film to improve gloss and depth of image. With strong compatibility, the zero-VOC deaerator is ideal for coating formulators seeking minimum surface defects, durability and high performance. It is recommended for water-based applications such as wood furniture coatings, joinery and industrial coatings applied onto metal and plastic.

Launched in 2006, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards recognize companies that have made the most significant contributions for the advancement of industry through technical innovation, increasing productivity, boosting economic efficiency and creating market opportunities. The awards for the coatings industry were set up in 2011. To qualify, products must be relevant to China, in the forefront of the international coatings industry and be judged to have helped take China's coatings industry to new levels.