Recuperative incinerators such as the Ecopure TAR from Dürr are best suited for cleaning exhaust airflows from dryers because the heat energy contained in the clean gas can be re-used in the drying process. The Ecopure TAR recuperative oxidizer is also used for cleaning exhaust air from paint spray booths.Efficient Exhaust Air Purification

The painting process produces particularly large exhaust air volume flows that have only low pollutant loads.

For this reason, a system for concentrating the solvent-laden exhaust airflows, specifically the Ecopure KPR concentrator system, is installed ideally between the paint spray booth and the exhaust air purification system. The exhaust air volume flow is reduced significantly for the subsequent thermal exhaust air purification process.

The resulting increase in the pollutant concentration significantly decreases gas consumption because the energy contained in the pollutants makes a contribution during oxidation.

As in all thermal processes, the exhaust air is heated in the Ecopure TAR enough to oxidize the hydrocarbons to produce mainly water vapor and carbon dioxide. The polluted air is first preheated by the hot air in the integrated (recuperative) heat exchanger.

This allows a large portion of the combustion heat to be recovered.

When the air enters the combustion chamber, the burner heats it further and initiates oxidation of the pollutants, which is completed after they have passed through the chamber.