OTTAWA, Canada - The Canadian Paint and Coatings Association will hold its 99th annual conference and AGM at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“In a world of ever-increasing social media, we continue to believe that it is important for industry representatives to come together once a year to get reacquainted and forge new relationships for a stronger coatings sector in Canada,” said Dale Constantinoff, President and CEO of General Paint Corp. and Association Chair.

This year’s conference will once again focus on relevant issues for the coatings sector in Canada and around the world with a coatings outlook by the leading economic forecaster for coatings, Orr & Boss. For the first time, there will also be a session that addresses how all three levels of government view the issue of sustainability now and into future.

This year the association will also be holding CPCA Technical Committee meetings during the conference.

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