OTTAWA, Ontario — The 106th Annual Conference & AGM of the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) will be held at the Sutton Place Hotel just minutes from the Vancouver, British Columbia, waterfront on May 23-24, 2019.

Attendees at the event will discuss current issues and trends in Canada’s coatings industry and celebrate industry award recipients. The theme is “Canada’s Coatings Industry: Vision 20-20 Beyond 2020,” looking at the economic, environmental and social trends that are important to the industry. There will be more challenges for the industry as the government seeks to re-assess chemicals already in commerce as well as new uses of existing chemicals already assessed. Other issues on the agenda will include the ongoing restrictions coming for biocides, paint waste management and stewardship, new and innovative approaches to sustainability in the industry, and more.

The business sessions will seek to address some of the challenges faced by the industry today and predict what is on the horizon for tomorrow. Topics will range from ongoing regulatory challenges for coatings products to impressive innovations in the industry and what the coatings industry is doing to ensure products meet the highest standards of performance while respecting human health and the environment. 

Conference information and registration is available here.