The coatings industry is continuously driven by increasing ecological awareness of the end user as well as legislative requirements, resulting in a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable product solutions. Green technologies, high-performance properties and efficiency enhancements are still the major driving factors in the industry.

Heubach serves these requirements with the introduction of an advanced zinc-free portfolio of anticorrosive pigments for protective coatings. The company’s latest research activities in the field of environment-friendly anticorrosives have resulted in the development of novel zinc-free products exhibiting high performance and broad applicability.

HEUCO®FIT is an innovative pigment preparation line offering customized color and performance. The pigment preparations combine the strongly diversifying chemical characteristics of organic and inorganic pigments and offer:

  • Perfect and homogenous color shades;
  • Easy-to-disperse products;
  • Highest reproducibility; and
  • Quick tinting strength development, even at low shear forces.

The new AQUIS Colorants line is based on an innovative water-based technology and provides excellent cost performance relations. These binder- and APEO-free colorants are compatible with water-based VOC-free and low-VOC paints, as well as all other water-based applications.

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